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August report 2020

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

August report 2020

UI components

  • improved j-Movable, output list is generated from parent element
  • improved j-TextboxList by adding chaning of position for existing items
  • improved phone and email types in j-Input component
  • improved code in j-Message
  • improved code in j-Detail
  • improved resizing in j-DataGrid
  • improved resizing in j-Layout2
  • fixed auto-suggestion in j-Directory
  • fixed a problem with scrolling to selected item j-Directory
  • fixed scrollbars and styles in j-Layout2

jComponent library

  • improved, now replaces ? for a component path
  • fixed data-bind commands with nested selectors
  • fixed flag @type:something in UPD() method
  • fixed track command in data-bind
  • added NODEINSERT() for DOM manipulation
  • added NODEMOVE() for DOM manipulation
  • added NODEINDEXOF() for DOM manipulation
  • updated CSS(css, [id], [wrap_selector]) by adding a new wrap_selector argument
  • added Number.round() method by Tomas Novak
  • updated Array.quicksort() by adding multi-sort support
  • updated ADD('!loading') which adds component if doesn't exist
  • updated data-bind, it can set a value to component via set command

Total.js framework

  • fixed: applying of default_root in static files
  • improved mail error handling
  • fixed routing evaluation
  • added a support for Total.js v4 UID validation
  • improved file stats

Total.js 4

Good news: Total.js v4 is almost ready for release, we work on documentation.

  • TextDB supports inner joins
  • TextDB improved reading
  • RESTBuilder fixed dnscache
  • added in-memory DB
  • improved components
  • improved file stats


  • last notifications are part of notification mail message
  • improved markdown in notifications window
  • improved languages
  • added approve, can be executed via OP.confirm('message', 'button', function() {})
  • fixed badge in Favicon
  • updated Markdown
  • fixed report form

Code Editor

  • improved auto-complete with PLUGINS
  • fixed removing of dark-mode
  • updated jComponent


  • added a new widget ContentCards by Dodo
  • added a new widget InlineList3 by Dodo
  • added a new widget Alert2 by Dodo
  • improved ContentBanners


  • updated builder.gridsort() supports multi-sort e.g. ispriority_desc,dtcreated_desc
  • updated builder.autofill() supports multi-sort
  • improved, value, [field]) filter by adding field argument
  • added a new filter builder.owner(name, value, members, [condition])