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June report 2024

A quick overview of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

June report 2024

Total.js framework 5

  • fixed CORS() method
  • improved CORS checker
  • added support for inheriting inline schemas in the form e.g. id:String,@address,@products
  • added ctrl.image(opt) method
  • extended ctrl.filefs() method by returing opt object
  • extended QueryBuilder.userid() by supporting $ options/controller instance

Total.js UI Library

  • added component.GET() method with the makepath() implementation
  • added component.SET() method with the makepath() implementation
  • added support for SCR keyword in <ui-bind> template
  • j-Exec functionality is included in the library directly

jComponent v20:

  • testing

UI components

  • extended handlers in j-ListForm by adding a list of items
  • added click config option in j-Choose
  • fixed dynamic chaning of the required option in j-ListForm
  • fixed remove option in j-ListForm
  • fixed validation with multiple option in j-Input
  • extended configuration in the j-ListForm component
  • fixed selected items in j-Table
  • added togglescrolled option to j-ViewBox
  • added watch config option to j-ASelected
  • added auto-support for @showloading and @hideloading in j-Loading


  • updated jComponent library


  • updated jComponent library

Flow Editor

  • updated jComponent library

Flow Editor (offline)

  • updated jComponent library


  • fixed billable option when creating tickets through the API

Premium plugins

  • improved reports
  • added Billed and Non-billed button in the reports

UI Builder

  • improved rechanging of columns in the Columns component

Premium components:

  • improved Pages component


  • added support for resizing images percentually ?s=30 like in older CMS versions (needed to update Total5)
  • improved CMS editor