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July report 2020

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

July report 2020

UI components

  • improved CSS in j-Spotlight
  • improved j-AutoComplete by adding autoselect option
  • improved j-Table by adding CSS for buttons and improved code
  • improved j-Enter by adding a simple prevenetion for multiple-press of enter key
  • fixed background color in dark mode in j-Form
  • fixed background color in dark mode in j-LargeForm
  • fixed background color in dark mode in j-MiniForm
  • fixed background color in dark mode in j-Modal
  • fixed notifications about changes in j-Editable
  • fixed j-Centered in Firefox
  • fixed and improved closeoutside property in j-Centered
  • fixed exif orientation in j-Preview
  • fixed exif orientation in j-PictureUpload
  • fixed XSS in j-Windows title
  • fixed XSS in j-Form title
  • fixed XSS in j-LargeForm title
  • fixed XSS in j-MinForm title
  • fixed XSS in j-Modal title
  • fixed scrolling in j-Directory
  • fixed options config in j-Tree.

jComponent library

  • added String.encode() as alias to Thelpers.encode() method
  • updated GET() by adding a new flag @clone
  • improved error handling in IMPORT().
  • improved scopes method by adding a support for ? paths
  • fixed internal parsers/formatters for setter/getter

Total.js framework

We have worked a lot on Total.js v4.

  • fixed parsing of long WebSocket messages
  • fixed NoSQL cleaner


  • improved live reload


  • fixed notes


  • improved cookie security (name is generated randomly)

Code Editor

  • fixed j-InfoPanel component
  • updated jComponent
  • improved UI


  • added service mode for projects
  • added movement of lines with alt+up or alt+down shortcuts
  • added spawn of js or sh proccess with real-time log
  • added Remove dark mode feature for CSS files
  • added live reload
  • a small redesign of tabs
  • improved snippets for Total.js 4
  • improved search
  • improved cookie security (name is generated randomly)
  • fixed fonts in Windows



  • improved cookie security (name is generated randomly)


  • added db.diff(name, form, [prop]) method for comparing of N:N relations between DB and form- nice improvement of DBMS.modify() by adding read/modify feature (more in docs)
  • fixed transactions in PostgreSQL
  • fixed joins with applied .first() by Tomas Novak