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Custom FlowStream execution

We have prepared a new example of how to execute FlowStream, send data and receive a response.

Custom FlowStream execution

We have prepared a simple app (called FlowStreamExec) that allows you to execute a custom FlowStream with some data and wait until the end of the message process. So you can use the FlowStream as a final workflow or a predefined algorithm in e.g. Serverless app.

We have prepared a simple function FUNC.exec() in this app that creates a new FlowStream instance, then tries to find a component Exec that makes a new FlowMessage with the end event. Finally, the end event performs a callback with a transformed message data.

FlowStream execution

The FlowStreamExec app can work only with generated design, so you need to create/edit design in another app, e.g. TMS or FlowStream app. Please follow the readme file in the FlowStreamExec repository.

Good to know:

  • you can load FlowStream from various sources, not only from HDD
  • you can trigger various kinds of data like String/Number/Object/Buffer/Date/Boolean/Stream
  • the Exec component is used as the input/trigger component


The possibilities are enormous, and you can run your FlowStreams in various services or attach the FlowStream into the Serverless architecture on AWS.