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Feb 012021
Total.js Platform
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January report 2021

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

January report 2021

UI components

  • added a new component j-Edit
  • added a new component j-FullForm
  • added a new component j-Wysiwyg
  • added a new component j-Slider
  • added a new Tangular helper JsonFormat
  • fixed closing of j-InlineForm
  • added autofocus option to j-InlineForm
  • improved options.monospace in j-FloaingInput
  • added autocomplete option to j-KeyValue
  • added darkmode to j-KeyValue
  • improved CSS in j-KeyValue
  • added closeoutside option to j-Message
  • added to j-FloatingInput
  • added a new and minimalistic style to j-Detail called 3
  • improved scopes in j-Exec
  • improved j-ContentEditable
  • updated j-ViewBox by adding scrollbarshadow option
  • fixed scrolling and searching in j-Directory
  • fixed empty rows in j-DataGrid
  • fixed CSS in j-Detail
  • fixed rebinding of columns in j-DataGrid
  • IMPORTANT: updated all components by adding CSS variables --color and --radius

jComponent library

  • added CSS variable var(--color) to spa.min@17.css and spa.min@18.css
  • added CSS variable var(--radius) to spa.min@17.css and spa.min@18.css
  • added APPEARANCE() method
  • added ENCRYPT(string, key) for encrypting of values/objects
  • added DECRYPT(string, key) for decrypting of values/objects
  • added a vertical shadow option to custom scrollbars
  • improved $assign and $reconfigure option in components
  • added assign command to data-bind
  • fixed isMOBILE
  • fixed AJAX() and UPLOAD() multiple commands and flags

Total.js framework 4

Update Total.js 4 via NPM $ npm update total4

  • added builds which allows to create apps in Total.js AppBuilder
  • added mail_smtp_keepalive option
  • added new stats by adding download and upload in megabytes
  • added new stats by adding dm (download/min) and um (upload/min) in megabytes
  • improved TextDB stats
  • renamed $ACTION() to EXEC() method + improved functionality
  • improved code
  • improved error logger
  • critical: fixed handling of dynamic routes for WebSocket
  • critical: fixed handling of 404 routes for WebSocket
  • fixed validation in $PATCH()
  • fixed TextDB in-memory mode
  • fixed CSS compiler for RGBA colors defined in HEX
  • fixed client IP address in Total.js Threads
  • fixed builds error handing
  • fixed SOURCE() method
  • removed default max. limit for records in TextDB
  • disabled textdb_worker due to unstable advanced serialization in Node.js child processes

Total.js Flow

Total.js CMS

  • added None option to Parent in the page form
  • improved UI

Code Editor

  • added support for Total.js AppBuilder
  • added Copy without tags
  • added Copy as Image
  • added a new snippet for j-FullForm
  • added auto file refresher (5 seconds)
  • added Font-Awesome icon determiner
  • updated j-Directory component
  • updated jComponent library
  • fixed live reload
  • fixed service mode for .sh files


  • added support for Total.js Builder
  • improved uploading of files in FileBrowser
  • fixed downloading of source-code by using of using Unix socket
  • fixed removing files and directories in FileBrowser


  • optimized for the release
  • fixed OAuth 2.0 in Total.js 4
  • fixed groups
  • fixed removing of apps in Total.js 3 (due to Total.js 4)


  • fixed generating of queries in query.autofill() method
  • fixed generating of queries in query.autoquery() method
  • fixed MongoDB driver by Gera G. Güiles