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December report 2020

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

December report 2020

UI components

  • added new component j-MapMarker
  • added new component j-Columns
  • added new component j-Ready
  • added new component j-Animation
  • added new component j-RawEditable
  • fixed positioning in j-Directory
  • improved j-Menu
  • improved j-ViewBox
  • fixed handling of nullable value in j-TimePicker
  • updated j-Menu by adding style configuration (added new style)
  • added support for checkboxes to j-Directory
  • fixed remembering of row higlighting in j-DataGrid
  • improved controls in j-DataGrid
  • improved + fixed days in j-MonthlyCalendar
  • extend spa.min.css by adding nogutter by Jozef Marton
  • added limit option to j-NoSQLcounter
  • fixed resizing of scrollbars in j-ViewBox
  • improved j-Intro by adding new features
  • improved j-SearchInput by new option exec
  • improved j-EnterBox
  • improved j-Section by adding data-url attribute to sections
  • added scrollto option to j-ViewBox
  • improved j-MiniForm by adding closeoutside, closeesc and independent option
  • improved UI in j-MiniForm, j-Form and j-Form

jComponent library

  • current version: 18.197
  • fixed config command in data-bind
  • fixed binding of default values
  • fixed handling of removed components
  • added component.faicon(icon) method which prepares FA icon name to v17 and v18
  • added VISIBLE(el, [threshold], [mode]) method
  • fixed data-bind classes with nested selector
  • added support for Plugins with anonymouse scopes
  • added NODECRYPT flag to AJAX() method

Total.js framework

  • replaced deprecated method in debug.js

Total.js 4

  • Total.js is ready for release
  • added watcher mode to release mode
  • added TotalAPI() method for creating of Total.js API services
  • redesigned Total.js Threads (now works without reverse proxy)
  • fixed name schema data-type
  • fixed responding with chaining of schema operations

Total.js CMS

  • added j-Animation component to CMS
  • fixed changes tracker in CMS editor

Code Editor

  • fixed API
  • updated templates
  • optimized UI for Big Sur
  • upated jComponent version


  • added watcher mode to release mode for Total.js 4
  • added mini terminal


  • fixed removing of user under Total.js 4


  • fixed in condition
  • fixed QueryBuilder.log() when is declared audit log
  • fixed arguments in error handling