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October report 2020

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

October report 2020

UI components

  • NEW added new component j-InfoWindows
  • NEW added new component j-SearchInput
  • fixed dirraw option in j-Input
  • fixed long values in j-Input
  • fixed options.raw option with defined empty field in j-Directory
  • added monospace option to j-Input
  • improved j-Detail
  • improved dirsearch option in j-Directory
  • improved dirsearch option in j-Input
  • fixed right panel in j-Layout
  • fixed URL definition in j-DynamicValue
  • fixed CSS and height option in j-DataTable
  • fixed dblclick option in j-Table
  • added fluid mode to j-DataGrid
  • added fluid mode to j-DataTable
  • fixed scopes in validate option in j-Input
  • added datasource option to j-Search
  • improved height:auto option in j-DataGrid
  • improved height:auto option in j-DataTable
  • fixed scope in j-Flow
  • improved j-DynamicValue by adding onresponse option
  • improved generating of ID and added changelog to j-Flow
  • added animations to j-Flow
  • fixed undo/redo notifications in j-Flow
  • added contextmenu option to j-Flow
  • improved colors in j-ColorPicker
  • improved code + added new options to j-PasswordMeter
  • added monospace + autoformat to j-DataGrid
  • added template and config properties to j-Dashboard
  • added exec option to j-Pin
  • added new methods component.reload() and component.empty() to j-DataGrid
  • fixed text + uppper and lower chars in j-PasswordMeter
  • improved code in j-Dashboard
  • added auto-binding in message/response in j-Message
  • added auto-binding in notifybar/response in j-NotifyBar
  • added auto-binding in snackbar/response in j-SnackBar
  • fixed right2 panel in j-Layout
  • addded paste from clipboard to j-Pin by Denis Granec
  • improved j-Properties2 by adding new style like iOS and added new types menu, text and exec
  • improved code in j-Part
  • fixed dblclick and editable mode in j-DataGrid
  • improved j-ASelected

jComponent library

  • fixed client-side encryption
  • fixed component.parsesource() method
  • improved component.parsesource() by adding icon parser
  • fixed empty paths in components
  • fixed singleton instances in LAZY mode
  • improved template command in data-bind (supports <template> tag)
  • improved component.parent() method by adding suppor for parent levels "parent1" or "parent2"
  • added component.SEEX() to +v18 and +v17
  • added component.EXEC() to +v18 and +v17
  • added support for custom flags in GET() and SET() methods
  • improved component.makepath() (now it can read a scope directly from the current element)

Total.js framework

  • fixed versions with defined default_root (by Martin Smola)

Total.js 4

  • fixed new unit tests
  • improved localization
  • fixed encryption for localized files
  • added mask support to WebSocket and WEBSOCKETCLIENT
  • improved FLOWSTREAM
  • added FAKE() method for generating of fake data (suggested by Helfo)
  • fixed logger
  • added preddefined authorization AUTH() more in docs

Code Editor

  • updated jComponent library
  • updated UI templates


  • fixed API for public apps by Martin Smola


  • added QueryBuilder.autoquery(query, schema, [def_sort], [maxlimit], [localized])