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Jan 162024
Total.js Platform
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Differences between Total.js v4 and Total.js v5

We work on Total.js v5, and this blog post contains important differences between Total.js v5 and Total.js v4.

Differences between Total.js v5 and Total.js v4

This blog post describes the main differences between Total.js v4 and Total.js v5. Total.js v5 contains almost new and nicely written code. This blog post will be gradually updated.



What is new in Total.js v5?

Only shorter, cleaner and improved code. Finally, the repository contains much nicer code. It’s fully optimised for Node >18.

Should I update the Total.js v4 apps?

No. We started testing Total.js v5. You can develop upcoming projects with Total.js v5. For stability reasons, wait before converting older apps to Total.js v5.

Is the Total.js v5 stable?

Almost yes. We use Total.js v5 in several projects, and they work without critical issues. We are working on unit-tests, documentation, etc..

How can I determine Total.js v5 in the code?

New start script

We updated the start script for Total.js v5. Don't forget to use it if you want to use Total.js v5.


Linking schemas:

Partial data:



Total.js v5 doesn’t use request and response instances. It works only with a controller - alias $. So every request to an action, file or WebSocket is represented as a controller.


API routing

New feature

Routes support the ? character which is replaced with CONF.$api value (default: /admin/).

WebSocket routing


Determine the language of incoming requests:

Common changes


Total.js v5 supports only the one configuration file called /config. All system keys (90%) were updated to a shorter version:





All NoSQL commands are performed via the Total.js QueryBuilder used in PostgreSQL/MySQL.


PREF is removed from Total.js v5. You can use MEMORIZE(name) method that contains the same functionality.

Internal session mechanism

The SESSION() method is removed in Total.js v5. The workaround is to use the AUTH() method with predefined session functionality. More information at the link below: