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October report 2023

A quick overview of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

October report 2023

New apps


  • optimized for mobile devices
  • fixed UI

UI components

  • fixed relative paths in j-UIStudio
  • fixed a problem with non-exists inputs in j-Flow
  • added opt.files option to the j-FileReader component
  • fixed prerendering of removed lines in j-Flow
  • added clear button to j-Console
  • added opt.template option for j-Directory
  • improved CSS in j-Markdown

QueryBuilder: PostgreSQL

New Total.js Icons


Tangular template engine

  • added support for custom markup Tangular.compile(template, [tagbeg], [tagend])

Total.js Documentation

  • fixed removing pages and libraries

Total.js UI Studio

  • added support for creating own components

Total.js framework 4

  • added .flow extension for the watcher due to auto-restarting app
  • added /flowstreams/ directory for inline FlowStreams
  • added FlowStream module into the core
  • fixed PATH.extensions()
  • improved routing, actions can use --> instead of * -->
  • fixed parsing arrays in the config
  • fixed FlowStream stats in instance.newmessage()
  • improved MultipartParser
  • fixed closing proxied WebSocket in the PROXY() method
  • updated REQUEST() - timeout is optional and may be disabled

Total.js UI Library

  • updated Tangular template engine


  • fixed rendering account in the Welcome page
  • improved Setup page


  • improved UI

Total.js Code

  • added support for inline FlowStreams

Total.js Flow

  • added Link endpoint functionality
  • performed small improvements
  • updated j-Flow component
  • updated UI components
  • updated j-Flow + j-FileReader components
  • fixed proxy path after cloning Flow
  • added Download option to the Flow designer directly
  • improved UI when searching for components
  • updated Tangular template engine


  • added new component Renderer
  • fixed REST CORS component
  • improved settings in the comment component
  • improved component Downloader
  • added support for variables in crontab