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August report 2023

A quick overview of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

August report 2023

We are grateful to Keyur Maheta for pointing out security issues.

New apps

UI components

  • added move option for j-ListForm by Invincible83
  • fixed disabled state in j-Movable
  • added check config option to j-Movable
  • added title option for the j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed CSS for j-FloatingInput
  • improved rendering in j-Markdown
  • fixed markdown-small styles in j-Markdown
  • fixed config.width property in j-InlineProperties
  • improved tasks rendering in j-Markdown
  • added support for @path inside components in j-Edit
  • improved setting of ampm option in j-TimePicker
  • added opt.align option to j-TimePicker
  • improved CSS for j-DatePicker and j-InlineDatePicker
  • fixed videos in j-Markdown
  • fixed unordered/ordered list parser in j-Markdown
  • added allowrawpaste option in j-Wysiwyg
  • added filter config option to j-DrawZone
  • fixed parsing unordered/ordered lists in j-Markdown

QueryBuilder: PostgreSQL

  • Added array functionality by Gera

New Total.js Icons

New icons

Total.js framework 4

  • added a new global keyword PLUGINS
  • added U.groupify(id, [count]) method for grouping identifiers
  • fixed data validation for the schema actions
  • added DatabaseBuilder.alike(name, [comparer], value) by Gera
  • added FlowStream events:
    • flowstream.on('connect', function(instance))
    • flowstream.on('disconnect', function(instance))
    • flowstream.on('configure', function(instance))
  • extended HTTP server by adding gzip and deflate content-encoding
  • updated options by adding options.compress = 'gzip|deflate' option in the REQUEST() method
  • extended command-line tool by adding new command total4 --extract <filename.bundle>
  • improved CMS compiler by adding support for inline navigation and breadcrumb

Total.js OpenReports

  • removed useless definition

Total.js OpenAuth

  • fixed extensions configuration
  • update UI components

Total.js Code

  • fixed HTML syntax highlighting
  • fixed registering external projects
  • extended auto-suggestion list
  • added configuration for limiting count of apps

Total.js Flow

  • updated component template
  • fixed handling of nullable value in Teleport component