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Open-source Banner System for websites and portals

We have released a new Total.js open-source web app called Banner System. The app can help you publish ads on your network.

Open-source Banner System for websites and portals

Total.js Banner System is a small web app specifically designed for websites, portals, and publishers! If you are looking to monetize your website, enhance the user experience, or simply improve the visual appeal of your online platform, our banner system is the perfect solution. It's fully open-source under the MIT license and without dependencies.

Good to know:
The app doesn't use a database, all data is stored locally on HDD. Active ads and banners are evaluated in memory.

Total.js Banner System

It offers a dynamic and effective way to display advertisements on your network. With customizable sizes and formats, you can seamlessly integrate banners into your website's layout, ensuring a seamless user experience. Whether you want to showcase sponsored content, promote products, or feature special offers, our banner system provides the flexibility and versatility you need. Total.js Banner System is optimized for Total.js OpenPlatform.

We also use the Total.js Banner System for the entire Total.js network (website, blog, portal, etc.).

Banners and their advertisements

You can create various banner types for your website. The settings allow you to restrict the banner type to a desktop computer or mobile device.

Banner type

When creating a new advertisement, you are able to restrict the number of views, clicks, or the duration of the advertisement.

Create ad

One code, many customizations

Total.js Banner System can be easily customized by modifying the source code. The source code is readable, easy to understand and localizable to any language. Are you interested? Contact us.