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June report 2020

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

June report 2020

June was really hard for us because we keep a great pace of work. Here are our work outputs from June 2020.

UI components

  • added j-Carousel component
  • updated j-Input by adding zip validation
  • improved j-Input by adding new types color, icon and emoji
  • improved j-Centered by adding custom scrollbars
  • fixed resizing in j-Layout
  • fixed disabled state in j-PermissionsOP
  • fixed empty strings in j-Detail
  • fixed validation in j-DynamicValue
  • fixed animation in j-DonutChart
  • fixed scrollbars in j-InfiniteScroll
  • fixed movement in j-Windows
  • fixed opt.custom in j-Directory

jComponent library

  • improved scopes
  • updated AJAX() method by adding json flag
  • updated String.arg() by extending encode (added: escape encode type)
  • fixed @change flag in all SET() methods

Total.js framework

  • added monitoring of thread usage F.stats.performance.usage in %
  • fixed and improved parser for query strings and URL encoded bodies
  • we have started coding on Total.js v4
  • v4 completely rewritten NOSQL
  • v4 completely rewritten REQUEST
  • v4 improved WebSocket
  • v4 improved performance
  • v4 removed 250 kB of older code
  • v4 keeps most of funcionality of Total.js v3

Total.js v4 will have a new NPM name called total4 due to backward compatibility. We keep 60% functionality of Total.js v3. So we have removed older code and we dropped backward compatibility with older version of Node.js. The code is much simpler, much effective and much cleaner. We are preparing Total.js v4 LTS for 3-5 years with minimum changes. Total.js framework is very stable framework and Total.js 4 will be full-featured continuer. We expect a new version in August/September 2020.

Code Editor

  • we have created a new branch total4 where is optimized Code editor for Total.js v4
  • added color palette parser feature for CSS only
  • added version parser feature
  • updated tree file list by adding a new feature called Show this folder only


  • Fixed a small bug in openplatform.js module
  • Optimized openplatform.js module for Total.js v4


  • builder.where() can contain a simple raw condition where('isremoved=TRUE')
  • added TextDB driver to our NoSQL database engine (our new open-source project)

Total.js Flow

  • fixed UI with multiple tabs
  • fixed importing of existing Flows
  • fixed a problem with settings when duplicating of components
  • we have created a new branch total4 where is optimized Flow for Total.js v4


  • optimized for Total.js v4

Total.js CMS

  • we have created a new branch total4 where is optimized CMS for Total.js v4

Total.js Cloud

  • we prepare a new version with advanced features and new app templates


TextDB is a new open-source project. TextDB is Total.js NoSQL database web server engine for effective providing of NoSQL embedded databases. It will fully compatible with our DBMS module.