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June report 2023

A quick overview of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

June report 2023

New apps

UI components

  • improved widget.iseditable() method in j-Paper
  • added hide option for j-Box
  • added hide option for j-Form
  • added hide option for j-FullForm
  • added hide option for j-MiniForm
  • added hide option for j-LargeForm
  • improved tasks in j-Markdown by adding <li data-line=""{number}" attribute
  • fixed cursor movement when the multiline option is enabled in j-Paper
  • fixed widget.iseditable(dom) in j-Paper
  • added opt.onlylarger + improved code in j-FileUploader
  • improved component.output([type], [return_object]<) by adding new argument in j-Crop
  • fixed handling of double click with a click in j-Exec
  • fixed enter key with checkbox option in j-Directory
  • improved increment controls in j-Input
  • improved focusing part after closing part in j-Parts
  • fixed Total.js icons in j-Markdown
  • added opt.html {Function} option to j-Markdown
  • added support for in j-Approve
  • fixed firstdayofweek in j-Locale
  • updated firstday option in j-DatePicker

New Total.js Icons

New icons

  • added new icons
  • updated ti-warning

Total.js UI Library

  • added DEF.color {String} with a default color #4285F4
  • CSS fixed animation scaling in ti-spin class

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed reconnecting to the server in OPENCLIENT()
  • added a new version of UID() generator (f version)
  • added U.convert62(number) it converts number to a 62 custom radix
  • added U.from62(number) it converts a 62 custom radix to a number
  • fixed loading of FlowStream schema (critical)
  • fixed a bad place for callback evaluation in the FlowStream (critical)
  • updated CONF.default_uid {String} option for changing of UID generator (possible values f (new), r (new))
  • fixed returning binary data in the TotalAPI() method
  • fixed logging in the FILESTORAGE().rename() method
  • improved parsing of multiple URL query argument keys (joined into the string separated by a comma)
  • fixed handling arguments in the RESTBuilder.API() method
  • fixed $.url in the AUTH() method

Total.js OpenFiles

  • redesigned

Total.js OpenLogger

  • redesigned

Total.js modules

Total.js Code

  • updated Total.js icons
  • updated Total.js UI library
  • fixed uplodaing multiple directories at once
  • added auto-stop/start docker container after changing app mode
  • added unzip and tar apps to the docker app container

Total.js Flow

  • fixed a problem with asfiles option (critical)
  • improved /modules/flowstream.js
  • added code review option
  • added option to publish template source code to the community
  • added option to publish component source code to the community
  • improved UI
  • updated Total.js icons
  • updated Total.js UI library