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Mar 012023
Total.js Platform
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February report 2023

A quick overview of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

February report 2023

Total.js Platform on Product Hunt

UI components

  • added new component: j-FileSaver
  • added new component: j-FormData
  • added new component: j-UIStudio
  • added click option to the j-Selection
  • fixed dark mode in j-Box
  • improved custom values in j-Directory
  • fixed CSS in j-Empty
  • fixed UI` Builder evaluator
  • added requests option to j-Locale
  • fixed validation in j-Input
  • added error handling for non-existent methods in j-Exec
  • fixed XSS in Tangular-Initials
  • added opt.scrolltop option to j-FloatingBox
  • fixed custom values in j-Directory
  • added custom option to j-Icons
  • added readonly option to j-Input by Gera G. Güiles
  • improved j-Directory

New Total.js Icons

New icons

  • start
  • external
  • reader
  • gift
  • radio
  • stopwatch
  • satellite
  • trees
  • tree
  • weather
  • relax
  • youtube
  • etc.

Total.js UI Library

  • updated ADD(opt) method
  • added a new keyword CLASS targeted only for inline styles (alias to ~PATH~)
  • updated jRouting (added support for inline flags)
  • fixed downloading components from CDN
  • fixed initializing anonymous scopes
  • added String.parseSource() method
  • added support for codelist ROUTING middleware in the form #clname
  • added CLRELOAD(name, [callback]) method for reloading of codelists
  • added CLINIT(...) alias to CL_INIT(...)

Total.js framework 4

  • added FlowStreamInstance.init delegate (executed once when the instance is ready)
  • added FlowStreamInstance.refresh delegate (executed if the Flow schema is updated)
  • added FlowStreamInstance.instances {Object} alias to flowinstance.meta.flow
  • added FlowStreamInstance.middleware {Function($, next($))} middleware for processing of messages
  • added FlowStreamInstance.logger(callback) that captures all send messages
  • added error handling for COMPONENTATOR()
  • fixed returning with modify and upsert in the QueryBuilder
  • added support for cloning folders in remote editing
  • fixed permissions in the schema.action (critical)
  • fixed opt.options argument in the AUTH() method
  • added QueryBuilder.schema(name) for changing DB schema (it works only with PostgreSQL yet)
  • fixed generating filenames via COMPONENTATOR() method (added .min pharse)
  • fixed parsing inline JSON schemas (without defined types) in schema.action()
  • extended schema Icon validator by adding tic ([T]otal.js [I]con [C]ustom)
  • fixed parsing of nested JSON schemas defined
  • fixed UID parsing subtype in JSON schemas
  • fixed watcher for the <ui-bind with the path #path

Total.js OpenPlatform

  • added Espanol language by Gera G. Güiles
  • fixed XSS with generating name initials
  • fixed focused icon in the open apps

Total.js UI Builder

  • added support for the UI Studio builds
  • added cloning existing components
  • added move up/down functionality

Total.js Code

  • added Download file locally functionality to file browser
  • updated Total.js Fonts icons
  • updated Total.js UI library
  • updated icons
  • added support for cloning folders
  • replaced Font-Awesome icons for Total.js Icons
  • added support for auto-translation of resources


We have redesigned the app + added support for direct integration with the OpenPlatform.


We have redesigned the app + added support for direct integration with the OpenPlatform.


We have released a new app called OpenTemplates for creating HTML templates that can be printed into the PDF/JPG/Docx file types.

UI Studio

We have released a new app called UI Studio for creating front-end web apps.



  • added support for changing DB schema directly in the connection string ?schema=parking
  • added support for changing pooling directly in the connection string ?pooling=3


  • added Copy attributes option
  • added Espanol language by Gera G. Güiles
  • added support for custom colum names
  • added support for changing default DB schema

Total.js Flow

  • updated UI components
  • updated icons
  • fixed a few issues with the dark mode
  • added support for custom component colors
  • added flow.redraw() method for synchronizing components and design
  • removed a confirmation message for clearing errors
  • added Espanol language by Gera G. Güiles
  • fixed search in Components list


  • added REST Proxy Route component
  • added ChatGPT component
  • improved debug component
  • fixed settings in the Model component
  • fixed Teleport component