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Jul 012022
Total.js Platform
3 min read

June report 2022

A quick summarization of all changes and news from the entire Total.js Platform. Read more about our work.

June report 2022


UI components

  • added a new component j-Watch
  • added a new component j-ListDetail
  • added a new component j-Leafleft
  • added a new component j-Pages
  • added a new component j-DropFiles
  • improved j-ASelected
  • added data-reload attribute to the j-Section
  • added a support for ~PATH~ and ~ID~ pharses in j-Section
  • added the scrollbarshadow option for the j-Section
  • added backexec option to the j-Section
  • fixed @componentmethod execution in the j-Exec
  • fixed animations in j-Section
  • force tooltip on main area for overflow texts in j-SelectBox by Gera G. Güiles
  • improved lines in j-Flow
  • fixed scrolling in mobile devices in j-Directory
  • improved j-VirtualWire
  • improved j-ViewBox
  • added changes {Boolean} option to the j-Validate and j-Validation
  • added strictchanges {Boolean} option to the j-Validate and j-Validation
  • improved j-VirtualWire functionality
  • fixed filtering between schemas in j-DataGrid
  • added a new rememberfilter option for the j-DataGrid
  • fixed init resizing in j-DataGrid
  • improved j-Parts
  • fixed importing Google library in j-Map
  • fixed resizing of part with absolute position in j-Part
  • added exec option to j-Edit
  • added notify option to j-Edit
  • updated default values for otext and ovalue in j-DataGrid
  • added prevent option into the j-Edit
  • fixed executing of scoped-plugin methods in j-Exec
  • redesigned input when innerlabel:true in j-Input
  • added language config key for j-Locale
  • updated j-Directory by adding disabled option for items
  • improved CSS for j-Directory (increased fonts)
  • added exec option to j-Validate

jComponent library

  • extended component.EXEC('@parent_component_method', arg1, .., arg4)
  • extended component.SEEX('@parent_component_method', arg)
  • extended component.SEEX('@parent_component_method', arg)
  • extended macro.EXEC('@parent_component_method', arg1, .., arg4)
  • extended click:@parent_component_method command in the data-bind attribute
  • fixed resizing scrollbar bars
  • fixed paths with hyphen
  • added configurable prefixes
  • added a new CSS grid system built on HTML grid system
    • .grid-md-4, or grid-xs-4 or grid-4 makes 4 columns layout
  • improved scopes and plugins
  • added a new data-bind command once that evaluates binder only once
  • added a new global method inDOM(el)
  • fixed reevaluate option for data-import="" attribute
  • extended EXTENSION('@ plugin_name', function(exports)) for extending of plugins

Total.js framework 4

  • improved QueryBuilder.error(err, [reverse]) by adding the reverse argument
  • added RESTBuilder.strict() method
  • added QueryBuilder.language() method
  • added a global variable MODS. for storing modules
  • fixed filtering in the QueryBuilder.autoquery() method
  • extended QueryBuilder.gridfilter method by adding support for:
    • <number, <date less than
    • >number, >date greater than
    • !string exact value
  • added RESTBuilder.noparse() it responds raw string as a response
  • added String.streamer(beg, [end], callback, [skip]) method
  • fixed prefixes in QueryBuilder.language() method
  • added auto-measuring width/height for .webp, .bmp and .psd images
  • added a small buffer check for uploading file data for most used file extensions
  • improved logger in FILESTORAGE()
  • fixed functionality of res.nocache() method in the method
  • fixed continuing with QueryBuilder processing

Total.js QueryBuilder

  • added localization for QueryBuilderSQLite3
  • added localization for QueryBuilderMySQL2
  • fixed localization in QueryBuilderPG
  • fixed responses in all scalar operations for QueryBuilderPG
  • fixed responses in all scalar operations for QueryBuilderSQLite3
  • fixed responses in all scalar operations for QueryBuilderMySQL2

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent library

Total.js Code Editor

  • improved templates
  • updated auto complete list
  • updated jComponent library
  • fixed generating passwords
  • improved UI
  • added Download to clipboard context menu item
  • fixed rendering of directory/file list
  • added Pin project feature


  • added support for languages