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Mar 222022
Total.js Platform

Flow v10 | Publish/Subscribe/Input/Output | Tutorial #3

Video tutorial showing communication between multiple FlowStream instances.

Total.js Flow v10 | Publish/Subscribe/Input/Output | Tutorial #3

In this tutorial i'm going to show how to communicate between multiple FlowStream instances.

The tutorial will show you which components to use and how to use them to make communication between instances possible.

YouTube playlist

There are 4 components we can use for the communication:

  • Input
  • Output
  • Publish
  • Subscribe

The relation between them is as follows:

  • Multiple Subscribe components can subscribe to a single Output
  • Multiple Publish components can publish to a single Input

You can have multiple Inputs as well as multiple Outputs in every instance.

It works within a single FlowStream instance as well as across multiple instances.

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 15.06.18.png